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Best Nonprofit Software:
Fundraising and Donor Management Solutions

#1 Nonprofit Success Pack by SalesForce

The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) from SalesForce gets top rankings from industry experts for its flexibility and community-- two critical elements that sets it above the rest of the Nonprofit Software solutions we've tried, tested, and reviewed.

From fundraising to operations to programs and more, the Nonprofit Success Pack is the #1 CRM for nonprofits, so nonprofit organizations can focus on impact. The Nonprofit Success Pack starts with a flexible, open data architecture and adds pre-built constituent and donor management components. It’s built for nonprofits, with nonprofits thanks to a large global community of developers, users and partners actively supporting NPSP, and supporting you. 


#2 Nonprofit Soapbox

Donation Pages, Fundraising Software

A cloud-based solution for nonprofits that is powerful and flexible-- it allows organizations to create, develop, and maintain donation sites with ease and integrates with SalesForce's Nonprofit Success Pack well.


Donation Pages, Fundraising Software, Donor Management

Classy is used by over 4,000 nonprofits and social enterprises and includes both and online and mobile, cloud-based fundraising platform.